Can you benefit from Strip-Till?
Can you benefit from Strip-Till?

Can you benefit from Strip-Till?

Cardinal Ag is pleased to bring Strip-till Fertilizer Application to the Ohio area.  Strip-till is a system in which strips of soil are tilled before planting using a knife apparatus such as a ripper shank.  The strips are approximately 8 inches wide and 6 to 9 inches deep. These strips are cleared of most of the residue and tilled for warming and drying purposes during the planting operation. Fertilizer is incorporated at the time of strip tillage, placing fertilizer in a band in the soil profile 2 to 8 inches deep, directly placing the fertilizer in the crop’s root zone. The seeds are planted directly into the strip of loosened soil. More…

Available Funding


Through the Local NRCS offices, when you implement strip-tillage practices into your operation, you become eligible to get a government grant money thru the EQIP program. They will pay up to $18 per acre when you implement strip-tillage for your corn acres when it replaces practices such as Chisel plowing. This program is good for up to 3 years, and you can stop at any time without penalty.
You will need to contact your local NRCS district office to become eligible for the EQIP monies to help offset the cost of our custom strip-tillage rate.
The grant money will be paid a year in the rear for practices implements in the prior year I.E., if you strip-till in 2021, you will not receive payment until 2022.
Cardinal Ag will provide the data needed to you that the NRCS office will need to complete the application to receive grant money. More…
The enrollment deadline extended to October 15th, 2021
H2Ohio is Governor Mike DeWine’s initiative to ensure safe and clean water for all Ohioans. It is a comprehensive, data-driven approach to improving water quality over the long term by reducing phosphorous runoff, creating wetlands, addressing failing septic systems, and preventing lead contamination.
H2Ohio has expanded into 10 additional counties in NW Ohio, and they are now eligible for H2Ohio funding to help implement conservation practices.  The 10 new counties include Crawford, Erie, Huron, Marion, Ottawa, Richland, Sandusky, Seneca, Shelby, and Wyandot.  Sign-ups are extended and interested farmers should contact their local Soil and Water Conservation District.  More…

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